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About Ithos Strategic Communications Ltd.

I founded Ithos to help C-suite leaders and leadership teams shape their culture and improve their company’s reputation which ultimately contributes to business success. My tools of the trade include internal communications, community relations, public relations, and thought leadership.

After more than 25 years in Las Vegas, my career emerged from the diverse roles and exciting opportunities I had in marketing, public affairs, community relations, health promotion and internal communications in a Fortune 500 company. I honed my expertise by keeping one foot in communications, one in change management, while working alongside and learning lessons from some of the most innovative and influential business minds in the modern gaming era.

Kelley Tucky


I practice communicating with purpose. Transparency and truth are cornerstones of my beliefs.   

I design communications for multi-channel use.  I thrive on collaboration with your in-house marketing team, leaders in finance and other strategic advisors. I play well with others!  

I have a solid reputation as an advisor, business coach and mentor. I see great results when your team and I collaborate on important decisions and the delivery of your communications strategy.   

I believe that we achieve greater impact and resonate best by saying less and listening more. 

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