And today’s word is…RESILIENCE

Resilience takes many forms.

For me, resilience means absorbing facts on the cornonavirus impacts and economic impacts while scanning the horizon and strategizing what’s yet to come. At the same time, I am in constant communication with my clients, on a continuous quest to be that “value add” resource. I am resisting the urge to judge too quickly or add my two cents where it could be perceived as just “noise.” And did I say I was vigilant? So, yes, there’s that. The work is exhausting and exhilarating… and if I don’t step away at times, it can drain me of creativity.

Sound familiar? This is what WE do. Communicators in particular can and should be at their best in crisis mode. Resilient communicators recognize instantly what senior leaders need in crisis: a calm, rational voice at the table who can articulate empathy and strength in equal parts with absolute clarity.    No pressure, but according to the recent Edelman Trust Barometer special report on the coronavirus, the vast majority of employees trust their employers more than their government to respond effectively, keep them informed and safe. How we manage ourselves in a crisis has a tremendous ripple effect, not to mention it shows our true character.

Today, I am wearing many hats: chief strategist, writer, editor, coach, counselor and “confider-in-chief.” But is this sustainable?

Advice is free for the taking. However, I would like to hear from you: what’s your “workout” to remain resilient as the chief communicator? Or as a C-suite leader? What path are you taking to stay relevant, strong and act decisively, day after day–soon to become–week after week?

Please share. I will publish my top 10 list from your submissions in a later post. It’s times like these when you find out what you are truly capable of!

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